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  1. Jun 22,  · The Hashkiveinuprayer is part of a set of rabbinic readings that bracket the biblical text of the Shema during evening prayers on both Shabbat and weekdays. The prayer envisions God as a guide and shelter during the night ahead and praises God for Author: Rabbi Hara Person.
  2. Some scholars have interpreted the Hashkiveinu prayer as an extension of the previous redemption prayer. There God redeemed us from slavery; here we ask God’s protection from the terrors of night “in the shadow of Your wings”—i.e., like the shelter that a mother bird gives to her young {Psalm —“You will cover us with Your.
  3. Hashkiveinu. Lie us down to peace, Adonai our God, and raise us up to life, our king (protector), and spread over us the shelter of your peace, and direct us with good advice before You, and save us for the sake of your name, and look out for us, and keep enemies, plagues swords, famines, and troubles from our midst, and remove Satan from in front of us and from behind us, and cradle us in the.
  4. Hashkiveinu is the second blessing following the Shema during Maariv. It is a petitionary prayer to be able to lie down in peace at night and to return to life the following day.
  5. Hashkiveinu, my God, Let me sleep. Ritualwell content is available for free thanks to the generous support of readers like you! Please help us continue to offer meaningful content with a donation today. DONATE. Prayer Found in: Hard Times, Daily Prayer & Mindfulness, Evening Service Tags: .
  6. Hashkiveinu adonai Eloheinu l'shalom V'hamideinu malkeinu L'chaim Spread the shelter of your peace over us Guide us in wisdom, compassion and trust Hashkiveinu adonai Eloheinu l'shalom V'hamideinu malkeinu L'chaim Save us for the sake of your name Shield us from.
  7. Hashkiveinu Adonai Eloheinu, l'shalom, v'haamideinu shomreinu l'chayim ufros aleinu sukat sh'lomecha, amen. Grant, O God that we lie down in peace, raise us up to life renewed. Spread over us the shelter of your peace, Amen. “Shelter us beneath your wings, O Adonai, guard us from all harmful things, O Adonai.
  8. Berachot 60b, the inspiration for the Hashkiveinu prayer, has these words: “ and may the good inclination have sway over me and let not the evil inclination have sway over me. and let not evil dreams and evil thoughts disturb me ’” This provides a good Talmudic precedent for the modern responses to the word satan given below.

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