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  1. snitch. (snĭch) Slang. v. snitched, snitch·ing, snitch·es. lilattohupphyderp.ammaypearetestnsatrinatanefarnsi.co To act as an informer: He snitched on his comrades. lilattohupphyderp.ammaypearetestnsatrinatanefarnsi.co To steal (something, usually something of little value); pilfer: snitched a .
  2. to secretly tell someone in authority that someone else has done something bad, often in order to cause trouble: She thought I'd snitched on her. UK He snitched to my boss that I'd been making long .
  3. Feb 21,  · Snitch () Snitch. PG | 1h 52min | Action, Drama, Thriller | 22 February (USA) | Trailer. 2 VIDEOS | 40 IMAGES. Video vi A father goes undercover for the DEA in order to free his son, who was imprisoned after being set up in a drug deal/10(82K).
  4. Too moderate and the more radical groups call you a snitch, jeopardizing your standing and authority at demonstrations.
  5. to give information (as to the authorities) about another's improper or unlawful activities. he snitched on his friend because he was only looking out for himself. Synonyms for snitch. fink, grass (on) [ British slang ], inform, rat (on), sing.
  6. a snitch is not the innocent person who has a serial killer living next door so he tells the police to get the trash out the community. a snitch is one who is slanging dope or doing some other wrong doing and gets caught but instead of taking their punishment like a man they tell the authorities info on other criminals so they can get off scott free or reduce their own punishment. that is a snitch!
  7. Snitch, to give information to the police, to turn approver. "Now, I'm not going to snitch on my mates," said McCarty decidedly. The computers I love are being co-opted, used to spy on us, control us, snitch on us. A promise is a promise, especially to a small boy who scorns to "snitch." Will you promise not to snitch if I tell you how to stop it, even if you don't go there yourself?

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